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A simple implementation of a Task Scheduler

GCC Inline Assembly code

Exception and Interrupt

Fault Handlers

Stack Memory

Exceptions for System-level Services

Bootup Sequence

Log Files

Shell Scripts

User-space, Kernel-space, and System Calls

Library Linking


Compilation Process

Blink - say Hello to the World

The V-Model in Software Development

Yocto Project Concepts

Introduction of Yocto Project

Build minial image for Raspberry Pi

Getting started with ESP32 Development Boards

Set up a Lidar Base station for detecting vehicles

Understand Linux for Tegra (L4T) system package

Create a GNSS Base Station

Beginner Guide 1 - Definitions

Beginner Guide 2 - Create a package

Use Macro to Print a Struct with its field

Notes for Virtual Machines

Notes for working in Linux


Debootstrap a minimal Image for Jetson boards

Set up Camera and test Video Encoders' Performance

Use Serial Ports on Virtual Machines

Lidar Mapping (PoC)

Base Stattion on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ board

System Design

GNSS Module using Unicorecomm boards

Notes when working with Jetson Nano

Livox's Reference Project

Rover system on a Jetson Nano Dev Kit

Run Ubuntu distro

Byobu - Multiple windows in Terminal

Tweaks for a better performance

Samba - Sharing Files in a Network

Docker - Platform of Runnable Containers

Hyper-V on Windows

J-Link SysView - Record and Visualize System Activities

J-Link RTT – Real Time Transfer

Serial Wire Viewer (SWD + SWO)


Debug with ARM Semihosting

Notes for C and C++ Programming

Raspberry Pi

Backup and Restore SDCard content

Diagnostic Camera on I2C Bus

Compile FFmpeg with Hardware Acceleration

Guide to set up Headless mode

Notes for Raspberry Pi

Monitor the Resource Usage of a Process

Camera live streaming using HLS/DASH

Camera live streaming using H264 format

Camera live streaming using MJPEG format

STM32 ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers

Documents for programming a microcontroller

Introduction to ARM Cortex-M & STM32 MCUs

Prepare boards and equipment

Tools for developing, programming and debugging

[Protected] A Password-proteted private page!

Print Pages to PDF files

Add Tags, Recent Post and new Features to my Blog site

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Syntaxes for Writing Markdown Documents

Additional Features using MkDocs Plugins

A Guide to Create a Personal Site

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